Izzy’s gone swimming! #frenchbulldog #frenchie #bulldog

Izzy had a blast at the Dog Paddle last week. The girl loves to swim!

She especially liked to chase me in the water.

My little guppy!

She had a hard time getting the ball in her mouth!

If you’re wondering where Xander is, he stayed at daycare. The boy doesn’t even like to get his feet wet!

Izzy vs. baby in cards. #frenchbulldog

They were getting along fine until Izzy accused Sutton of cheating.

Game over.

Izzy the centerfold! #frenchbulldog

She should have her own calendar! Those poses are on point!

Mr. Photogenic! #frenchbulldog #fbrn #frenchie

Xander loves the camera! (And his nylabone!)

Xander soakin up the sun! #frenchbulldog

This kid likes the warmth of the sun on his belly!

Naps for everyone! #frenchbulldog

A sleepy Friday afternoon at my house. All three kids are ready for the weekend!

Izzy claiming all the baby items. #frenchbulldog

The crib, bassinet, high chair and stroller are all being guarded by Izzy. Especially the stroller!