Izzy vs. baby in cards. #frenchbulldog

They were getting along fine until Izzy accused Sutton of cheating.

Game over.

Izzy the centerfold! #frenchbulldog

She should have her own calendar! Those poses are on point!

Mr. Photogenic! #frenchbulldog #fbrn #frenchie

Xander loves the camera! (And his nylabone!)

Xander soakin up the sun! #frenchbulldog

This kid likes the warmth of the sun on his belly!

Naps for everyone! #frenchbulldog

A sleepy Friday afternoon at my house. All three kids are ready for the weekend!

Izzy claiming all the baby items. #frenchbulldog

The crib, bassinet, high chair and stroller are all being guarded by Izzy. Especially the stroller!

Seriously love this girl. #frenchbulldog

This girl puts me at ease.