Izzy and I are hoping that tonight #Sassafras comes back home. @Find Sassafras

It’s my biggest fear- Izzy lost out in the world somewhere. The unknown would certainly kill me. I don’t have the heart or strength to handle something like that. Yet there are so many families out there who are going through that very thing. How do they handle it? How do they not go out of their minds with worry?

As a dog lover, you too can imagine the horror of not knowing where your best friend is. I feel an obligation to do what I can for these lost dogs, to try and reunite them to their families again. I may not be close enough to help comb streets and fields with others but I can spread awareness through social media. If you’re reading this, then you too have the ability to help through social media. Put yourself in their shoes… you’d want the world to stop and search for your dog.

Please do what you can, no matter how far away you are.

Click. Share. Forward. Post.

You can help make a big difference. Together we can bring dogs home.

Just a few of the many missing dogs I follow:

Baxter & Cooper:

Find Baxter & Cooper, San Antonio, TX. Stolen during home burglary.
Baxter & Cooper were stolen from their home in San Antonio, TX in April 2011. For more information and to help them get back home, look for Find Baxter and Cooper on Facebook.

Mirra, Bates City/Holden, MO

Mirra has been missing since August 2011. For more information and to help Mirra get back home, look for Please Help Find Mirra on Facebook.

Find Dixie
Dixie has been missing since July 30, 2011 from Cedar Hill, TX. For more information and to help Dixie get back home, look for Find Dixie on Facebook.

Daphne, Loan Oak, TX
Daphne was stolen from her home on August 6, 2010. Her family still misses her like crazy. For more information or to help bring Daphne home, look for Help Find Daphne on Facebook.


English Bulldog thinks he’s an elephant!

Brief Encounter: Bulldog Exposes Cheating Owner (via LakeCross Online)

Oops! I bet he never thought this is how he’d get caught!

Brief Encounter: Bulldog Exposes Cheating Owner There’s something about socks, underwear and towels that bully breeds just seem to LOVE.  A lot. We see more bulldogs and boxers (amongst other breeds) that have a taste for textiles than we’d like to admit. Here’s a humorous tribute, taken from VetLIVE, a blog written by veterinarian Laci Schaible, for those of you who belong to or know of a beloved Sock Eater. Bennie was having difficulty eating and could not hold down his food. He was brought … Read More

via LakeCross Online

In the Fold (via Learn From My Fail #LFMF)

EEW! Too hilarious not to share!

When petsitting your neighbor’s bulldog, and asked to wipe its facial folds, do not smell the wipe after wiping. #LFMF … Read More

via Learn From My Fail #LFMF

It IS Sassafras! We’re so close! @FindSassafras

Hello friends! I just received another update on Sassafras! It’s been confirmed and confirmed again that the sighting yesterday was in fact Sassafras! Here I am again, BEGGING you to share this and share it again! Let’s make one strong PUSH to get the word out together. Let’s make a big impact right here, right now, for one final time so that Sassafras comes home TODAY. Who’s in?! Let’s do this!

Here’s what the owners wrote:

The sighting that was called in yesterday was Sassafras!  Sam and Salsa are on the job right now, and we’ll have a map up tomorrow.  She is back in Chevy Chase, and walked right by Chevy Chase elementary.  Jeff has put up lots of flyers there and spoke to the principal tonight.  Please keep your eyes open, call us if you see her and take a look at our post, What to do if you see Sassafras.

UPDATE- The track then went back to Connecticut and headed south. We stopped when the track reached the circle at
Chevy Chase Circle (at Western Ave)… was getting late

We would love to bring her home!

Let’s do this! Let’s RT like crazy today! Let’s share on Facebook with your friends! Let’s email the heck out of this so that everyone has their eyes peeled for Sassafras and she comes home to a warm bed and treats TONIGHT!

Confirmed siting @FindSassafras!

Thanks to everyone who RT’d my earlier post today about a Sassafras siting. – they are SO close to finding her! Please don’t stop RTing though- she’s not home yet! The email below is the latest update from their blog:

Dear All –

We wanted to let you know that we’ve had a confirmed sighting of Sassafras!  In the past you’ve helped us by sending messages to listservs, flyering, and getting the word out in other ways, and I cannot tell you how much we’ve appreciated all your help.
We will be reaching out very soon to ask for help again – tonight’s track from Chevy Chase seems to be leading back towards the AU neighborhood, so we feel like we have a chance here to bring her home.  Jeff will post a map tomorrow, and blog about it some more.
Again, thank you so much for all you’ve done.  We couldn’t have gotten this far without your help and support!
–Beth & Jeff

A Sassafras sighting in Chevy Chase, MD! Please RT! @FindSassafras

A woman just called and said that a dog that could be Sassafras went in her front door and out her side door yesterday between 4:00 and 5:00PM. She lives in the 4000 block of Thornapple Street in Chevy Chase. This is very close to where our positive tracks started in June!)

Folks in the neighborhood, please keep an eye out. (Or, if you know of a local dog owner who had a similar-looking dog off leash there yesterday, please let us know… The caller said she figured the dog was just being walked by someone and didn’t make the connection until today… The dog was very calm and clean.)

Note from the Blog Author:

Please, PLEASE forward this information along to anyone and everyone you know! The power of social media CAN help to bring Sassafras home! Imagine your pet being lost- you would hope and pray that everyone in the world would help you locate him/her. And all you have to do is hit RT or forward in an email. You can make a HUGE difference with just a click. On their blog is a link to a google map with all of the sightings. Please take a look at it- Sassafras IS hanging out in that area! She’s been gone for close to FIVE MONTHS now and this family is desperate to get her back (not to mention, Sassafras has to be extremely tired and hungry). We can do this! Let’s be the ones to make this happen!

Follow Find Sassafras on Twitter: @FindSassafras

They also  have a blog that you can subscribe to and receive email updates: