Plz RT! #Missing #dog! Dog ran scared from car accident in #Plainfield #Connecticut!

Saturday September 3rd, 2011 at 6pm, along with their owner(s), Missy and Rasha were in a horrible car accident at the intersection of Black Hills Road (Rt. 14) and Cornell Road / Exley Road in Plainfield, CT.  The SUV was blindsided and rolled several times; when it came to a stop the dogs ran across the street into the woods in a frantic state; their owner was rushed to the hospital.

Rasha was… found Sunday morning at 6:00am
wandering just a few blocks away.Their owner underwent surgery and remains in critical care as of Sunday evening.  Please help us find Missy so their owner can look forward to coming home to his family and his furry kids!

If seen please call one of the numbers below:
Jeff 860-885-8867
Dave 860-336-9285
Buffy 860-208-5938

Find out the latest on Missy and the search efforts to bring her home on their Facebook page:


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