Possible sighting in @CandyCane City! @FindSassafras

Possible Sighting – Candy Cane City

Posted: 14 Sep 2011 07:03 PM PDT

We received a call this evening that a nine year old playing in the woods near the tennis courts in Candy Cane City* saw a loose dog zoom by around 6PM, running on the path. I talked with his mother and then directly with him. He couldn’t tell whether the dog had a collar or harness on… it was all pretty fast but he thought it was Sass.

We’ve always suspected that Sass would be in Rock Creek Park, but never been able to confirm a sighting there… It’s possible… If folks could get the word out to the regulars in that area to be on the lookout, and have their cell phone cameras ready, that would be great. If it was Sass and active in daytime, with enough eyes looking out, we may start getting even closer to bringing her home.

* Candy Cane City is the local name for this park, just south of East West highway on the east side of Rock Creek Park



3 thoughts on “Possible sighting in @CandyCane City! @FindSassafras

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