#Dog friends- I need your #help! Possible new sighting of the #lost #Beagle #Sassafras in #ChevyCase! @FindSassafras

Who do you know in the area of Chevy Chase, Maryland? Chevy Chase is in Montgomery County, Maryland. Since I don’t know much about the town, I refered to Wikipedia to help me out.

Apparently Chevy Chase is centered roughly on Connecticut Avenue north of the District of Columbia. Provided is a link to a map of the town.


Just think for a second… let’s use this power of the social media to gain more volunteers to help with this effort of bringing Sassafras home. The dog community is HUGE! We are a very united group! WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! All you have to do is forward this information and do an ask for help from someone you know.

There have been many Sassafras sightings which means that Sassafras is living on the streets. She’s been missing since April and as dog lovers, we know how terrified we would each be if this were a dog of ours running the streets. So please, send this note to your friends near the Chevy Chase area and ask them to send to others, too. It will only take you a couple of minutes and it might actually make a world of difference to both Sassafras and her family. Let’s do this!

If spotted call 202-664-2301. Do not chase! Take cell phone pic, if possible.

Latest update, Monday, September 19th:

Yesterday afternoon we received a call that Sassafras may have been sighted at 3:45 AM that morning crossing Connecticut Ave traveling east to west on Leland Ave (2 blocks south of East West Highway).

The driver, who is very familiar with our search, got out of her car but the dog had already left the scene.

This sighting is particularly hard to know what to do with. We were actively tracking the evening before and later the same day in Rock Creek area (see previous post) and Sam had the sense that the track was very fresh (fresher than the Wednesday sighting upon which they were based)… But, it’s certainly possible that Sass had already left Rock Creek and been over in her Connecticut

Please continue to keep your eyes open, cameras handy, and call us immediately (anytime) with possible sightings.


Sassafras the missing Beagle in Chevy Chase, MD


3 thoughts on “#Dog friends- I need your #help! Possible new sighting of the #lost #Beagle #Sassafras in #ChevyCase! @FindSassafras

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