#Stolen #dog! #GoldenRetriever taken from backyard in #Waterford #Michigan! #HELP!

Michigan..Waterford / West Bloomfield ***STOLEN*** 9-19-2011

Golden Retriever stolen from Waterford, Michigan

This 10.5 week old Golden Retriever puppy was taken from owners yard – south side of Waterford, MI on Monday (9-19-11) morning about 9:00 am. Neighbor saw man with long hair running down drive.

This is a beautiful, medium color Golden Retriever boy puppy who is 10.5 weeks old – probably close to 14 lbs. I’m the breeder and this was puppy’s new home.

Please cross post – there is a reward offered. Please call Bill at 248-431-5789 or Sue at 269-420-3693.

Lost Paws Finder.


4 thoughts on “#Stolen #dog! #GoldenRetriever taken from backyard in #Waterford #Michigan! #HELP!

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  2. I work at a vet in that area. if you could fax over a flier, I could fax it to other vets in the area. I’ve heard that other people in the Novi area have been victims of a scam where someone steals a dog & waits until they see a flier that has a reward on it & acts like they “found it” for the reward…. fax to vet select in commerce twp. 248-926-9607

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