Boys reunite #lost #BostonTerrier to 81 yr old owner. Thx @iBostonTerrier for posting! Best story!

Courtesy of the Republican Herald a great story about two young boys that helped an 81 year old woman and her missing Boston Terrier reunite after three long weeks:

Minersville, PA– Holly has made it home.

An 81-year-old Minersville woman was reunited with her dog Thursday after it had escaped about three weeks earlier, when she was involved in a car accident at Bulls Head Road, Pottsville.

Boys reunited Boston Terrier with Senior Owner

Two boys, Nick Andresen, 13, of Pottsville, and Hunter Futchko, 14, of Port Carbon, found Holly, a 7-pound, 3-year-old Boston terrier that had been missing since an Aug. 26 accident involving the dog’s owner, Mary Pothering, 81, of Minersville, and her friend. Pothering is doing well while her friend is recuperating.

People near and far helped in the effort to find Holly.

People posted updated information on Facebook about Holly’s whereabouts and lost posters were plastered in different areas.

“There was probably 100 people trying to find this dog,” said Liz Andresen, Nick’s mother.

“I’ve received phone calls from as far away as Friedensburg. I can’t put words into it and we don’t know why,” said Debra Zangari, Pothering’s daughter.

“They actually changed my mother’s life,” she said of the boys’ finding the dog, who had a “couple of abrasions,” stomach scratches and red, swollen paws. Holly also lost a few pounds, Pothering said.

“This dog is like a miracle, a walking miracle. We have no idea what she was living on,” Debra said.

She said her mother was “very depressed. She was not herself.” Pothering has had Holly since she was a puppy.

After receiving a phone call from a distant relative who saw Andreson’s mom’s post on Facebook about the found dog, Pothering was overcome with emotion.

“I just sat on the floor. I could not get up. I cried my eyes out,” she said. She later rewarded Nick and Hunter each with money and a gift card. They all hugged each other Saturday after Mary invited them to her house.

Andresen said he helped out because he wanted to help Pothering and her family. The eighth-grader at D.H.H. Lengel Middle School and Futchko found Holly on Thursday evening in a wooded area behind Pizza Hut near Sheetz on the Gordon Nagle Trail.

Getting Holly was no easy chore, Andreson said. Both boys got muddy and fell into a puddle while running to catch her.

Andreson spotted her under a bridge. When she ran, he tossed a sweatshirt over her to catch her.

“I think she knew she couldn’t get away, so she stopped and started snapping at us.” Andreson said Monday.

When he picked her up, she calmed down, he said.

“She was really skinny. She looked scared, dirty,” Andreson said.

The boys might not have found her if they had listened to Andreson’s mother, who told them not to go farther into the woods.

“His mom was telling us to come back,” Futchko said Monday.

The boys just said they wanted to help out.

“It feels good, really good to find a lost dog,” Futchko said.

“Don’t give up,” Pothering said of wanting to find a lost pet.

via iBostonTerrier – Where Boston Terriers Roam Free.

Thanks iBostonTerrier for posting this awesome story! I needed this great news!


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