#Pomeranian #stolen from #Campbell #California home 7/16/2010. $10,000 #reward!

It’s been over a year since this Pomeranian was stolen from her home in Campbell, California. As a dog owner, I know that I would still be looking for my dog a year later… even five years later… and longer than that. So please don’t over look RTing this, sharing it, forwarding it to everyone you know. There’s a good chance this dog lives with a new family. Cutie has a bald spot on her back where her tail curves over- something that you can look for when you see a Pomeranian. Please do what you can to help this family find Cutie.



STILL MISSING – Campbell, CA ~ Tiny Female Pom “Cutie” – 7/16/2010

GENEROUS $10,000.00 REWARD for her safe return ~ No Questions Asked.

Cutie stolen from Campbell California

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“Cutie” was stolen from her home in Campbell, CA on Saturday, July 16, 2010. Her owner refuses to give up on her. “Cutie” is a tiny 4-lb female Pomeranian; cream coloring with a bald spot on her back where her tail curves over. She can be feisty/nippy with strangers. She also requires medication and regular blood-work.

24/7 OWNER CONTACT: Leigha – (408) 781-2649 savecutie@gmail.com www.mynameiscutie.com

Flyer also available at http://msd-alert.org/LOST-CA-Campbell-FemPom-Cutie-16Jul10-Updated-23Sep11-F.jpg

Thank you for all YOU do to help our Lost/Stolen/Missing/Abandoned/FOUND dogs!

Terri Richards
Founder, Missing Small Dog Alert!
terri@msd-alert.org, www.msd-alert.org
facebook.com/MSDAlert, twitter.com/MSDAlert
MSDA YahooGroup: http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/missingdogalert/

Please visit http://www.msd-alert.org/MSDA-GetTheWordOut.html for tips, suggestions, recommendations for those searching for Missing/Stolen/Lost/Abandoned Animals.

Missing Small Dog Alert.


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