Wear Kissbeep! Caution: wearing Kissbeep will make you smile.

The original KISSBEEP t-shirt for women!

Kissbeep Original T-shirt

T-shirt is made from Alternative Apparel and distressed for an ultra-comfy feel! Izzy’s cute mug on the front and across the back is the Kissbeep blog URL. Colors are low-key and easy going- just like Izzy!

Can you wear a cuter necklace?!?

I Wear Kissbeep necklace in sterling silver, 18″ with a 3″ extender. Izzy is featured in a simple, understated pendant that you will wear close to your heart!

I Wear Kissbeep Necklace

Izzy in hot pink ladies t-shirt

Izzy’s centerfold pose on the front of this women’s fitted t-shirt with hot pink writing across front and blog URL in hot pink across back. T-shirt is distressed and super soft! It’s a 50/50 cotton-poly blend, pre-washed, no shrinkage. Order 1 size larger than your regular size.

I Wear Kissbeep T-shirt

Just Kissbeep. Without the dog. 

I Wear Kissbeep t-shirt minus the cute Frenchie face. Blog URL on back. T-shirt made by Alternative Apparel comes in black and white (100% cotton) and heathered (90/10 cotten-poly blend). All are pre-washed so you don’t need to worry about further shrinkage.

I Wear Kissbeep No Picture

Don’t forget the dog!

I Wear Kissbeep Pet T Shirt by kissbeep

 Nothing like a customized ringer-tee for the little Kissbeep in YOUR life! Also available in light blue/navy.
More items available at Zazzle! If you would like to request something not shown, please email us at kennedyjules@yahoo.com.

via kissbeep: For People: Zazzle.com Store.


2 thoughts on “Wear Kissbeep! Caution: wearing Kissbeep will make you smile.

    • It has nothing to do with dogs at all! When my 2 year old nephew kisses someone, he kisses his fingers and then touches touches the other person (on cheek, lips, wherever) and says “kissbeep”. Not sure why he does it but it’s the cutest thing ever. Then it would just come out of my mouth when I’d be playing with Izzy like “come here you silly kissbeep”. It makes no sense whatsoever other than I’m holding onto my nephew’s every word while he’s still little!

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