#AmericanBulldog mix #lost from #Plainfield #IL. #Help #find #Toby!

Plainfield, IL – LOST! Toby is an American Bulldog Mix who escaped the yard while his family was moving this past Saturday, 9/25/11.

Toby from Plainfield Illinois

Toby was rescued last winter from a very neglectful situation. He was tethered on a person’s property and fed once, maybe twice, a week.

Toby’s mom, Trish, rescued him and brought him into her family. Toby has a special place in our hearts as we were going to bring him into our rescue family. That is, until the morning we were going to pick him up and Trish just could not let him go (we like when that happens!).

However, due to tragic life situations, Trish and her family moved from Plainfield to Lockport, and Toby is nowhere to be found.

PLEASE share his information. He is microchipped, but had no collar on. His family, three kids, mom and dad, are broken hearted without him.

Please contact Trish at: 630-631-2442 or email Deb at goldee67@aol.com if you have any information! Please help us bring Toby home!

By: Midwest Rescue of Illinois, Inc.

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