@FindSassafras sighting crossing East West Highway, east of #Grubb. PLZ #HELP

This recent sighting of Sass was last Thursday, the 22nd at 3am in the morning. Sass was crossing East West Highway a little east of Grubb… Sighter is our new volunteer Hugh who is trying to go out during the wee hours of the morning. He didn’t get a great look at the animal, but this is certainly near recent tracks.


From Kissbeep:

I SO wish that I lived in that area. Don’t get me wrong- it’s not like I think that I can find a needle in a haystack. There have been many people involved in this search. But I feel so helpless being half way across the country where I can’t pound the pavement and help do that kind of search! So frustrating! Especially because they know that Sassafras is living on the streets. No one has taken her in- she’s fending for herself. Fall is now upon us and the nights will be getting really cold soon.

Is there anyone out there who can coordinate another search during off hours? It seems like she’s coming out during times when others are not likely to be outside.



If spotted call 202-664-2301. Do not chase! Take cell phone pic, if possible.





2 thoughts on “@FindSassafras sighting crossing East West Highway, east of #Grubb. PLZ #HELP

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