For the love of secksay #Weimaraners!

So smooth and so silky and their legs are  so long and lanky. It’s like they were super models in their past life. They really do look like you could mold them like clay. William Wegmanhas been taking photos of Weimaraners for years and I have always wondered how he can get them to hold some of those poses for so long. Maybe he takes then to the dog park for hours on end before the photo shoot to get them good and worn out. 😛

Enjoy these fun Weimar pictures!

Weimars were meant to wear sunglasses. And swimsuits. But pictured here is one in sunglasses.

Michael Brian Photo

Why do I like this picture so much? I guess it’s cuz I’m a bit jealous of the hair. I wish I could rock that style like this dog can. Looks so good on her. Or him.

So carefree with the half afro, choker necklace and the naked body. Raarrr. Very punk. She just needs a tamborine and this picture would be perfect.

It’s time for some William Wegman. That guy is a genius. No really, I think he’s seriously a genius in real life. But I didn’t look that up so it may not be true. But I figure he’s one of those super smart people who creates incredible art but can’t socialize worth a damn. I got that sense when I went to a William Wegman exhibit in a nearby museum years ago. His work is completely impressive but I don’t think I could hold a conversation with the guy. I have nothing to support this thought of mine. I just don’t think we’re compatible (note to those who were thinking of setting me up with him- not a match).

But come on, how in the hell did he get this dog to do this? No really! How did he do it??

William Wegman from Traditional Fine Arts Organization Inc.

This is one of my all time favorite Wegman photos. Dare I say that there is something sexy (yes, sexy) about this photo? I don’t have a foot fetish or a paw fetish or anything like that- don’t get me wrong, I’m female so I get high off of shoes but no fetish anywhere in my world. Oh- except with Dairy Queen. I digress.

William Wegman

And this is my other favorite William Wegman photo. You can’t tell me that you don’t see SEX all over this one! Because I know it’s not just me! But here is where I think his dogs were super models in a previous life- look at those long lanky legs! And that seductive pose in the chair! WORK IT! WORK IT! Yeah, she knows what she’s doing!

William Wegman

Want more incredible Weimaraner photos? Check out this one below. I found some really cool photos of a Weimaraner on a blog but I only pulled this one photo. It makes me laugh. Again- the sunglasses! See what I mean? It’s like, a given accessory for that breed or something.

And this, my friends, is probably my favorite Weimaraner picture EV-AH. I love the swirls of her cowlick on her chest. I get lost in it.


This photo wasn’t intended to give you access to her nasal cavity but if you like it for that reason, more power to ya. The clean lines of her gray forehead and nose just make me want to kiss her kiss her kiss her!


Before I tell you why I like this picture, you tell me why I like this picture. Then tell me why you like me. Just kidding. Got carried away. Look at Belle’s neck rolls! So smooth and silky like she just had a deep conditioning treatment at the spa. Makes me jealous, actually. She looks so clean and soft. Yum.


I love the hilly bones of her skull in this picture. It’s almost touchable.


And that, my friends, is a little Weimaraner-time for you. I hope you don’t think that I’m attracted to Weimaraner’s now but if you do, you need to ask yourself if you also find them attractive. Hi closet? Come on out.


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