UPDATE: REUNITED! Original post: #Volunteers needed #Saturday #October 3 to search for 3-legged service #dog in #Bellaire #Texas

According to https://www.facebook.com/RoadsofHope, this is how Molly was found:

FOUND – Molly the 3 legged service dog that went missing Sept 11 has been found. A HUGE celebration at Beaver’s Ice House will take place tonight and you can meet Molly ;0)

Molly is Back!

Where Was She?

She was found in Bellaire on Jane Street under someone’s deck, in a nice shady backyard.

Word on the streets via the paparazzi is that she was sitting in a chaise lounge by a pool with doggles on, waiting for a cat-food blended drink, reading “It’s a Dog’s Life” magazine. She had inadvertently seen a TV and was waiting for her adoring public to show up!

Chief Byron Holloway is directly responsible for her recovery. He has been driving around with his wife daily looking for her and has kept his officers on the alert since she went missing on 9-11/11. Officer Perez assisted Jeff with the rescue after the homeowner called to let the police know that a dog was living at his house. Her Papa sat down on the grass and Molly ran to him!

Molly looks great! She is svelte and slim, has a shiny coat. She acts none the worse for the wear. She jumped right on the bed and snuggled with her Mamma!

Original post:
Molly is a 3-legged service dog  MISSING FROM TEXAS!!

Molly 3-legged service dog, missing from Texas

Her mom is in Houston receiving treatment for cancer.

Molly’s dad is disabled and so he needs her.

She was last seen on Sept 24 or 25 at Bellaire and Newcastle and on the tracks north of Little Woodrows.

Map and flyer can be found on their website:

$400 REWARD!!! LOST 3-Legged Service Dog from Oregon.

They are putting together a search team for this weekend, Saturday, October 1, 9:30am-noon, and are looking for volunteers to help. If you are able, meet at the Methodist Church parking lot on the corner of Bellaire and Newcastle in Bellaire, Texas, at 9:30am. Bring water, a staple gun (if you have one), and CLEAR packing tape. They need your help to hand out flyers door to door, hold up posters on sticks at intersections, to put up posters, and to FIND MOLLY! More information on this can be found on the information section of their website:

Molly 3-legged service dog

If you have seen Molly or have any information,please call

713-701-7331! There is a reward!

Molly service dog


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