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Paloma Jane Undertooth and her Pug Brother, Uggy





Spike Taylor

Spike Taylor

Bryant Tupper

Bryant Tupper

Bonjour Nino

Bonjour Nino


Bonjour Nino

Moley Pup








Ethel Mae

Ethel Mae

Killer Kermit and Liz

Killer Kermit And Liz

Henry the Boston

Henry the Boston

Peppino the Chihuahua


Chaos the Dog-Father

Chaos the Dog-Father


#Missing male #Beagle named #Red from #GroveCity #Ohio, near #Columbus. PLZ RT! Keep an eye out for him on #Halloween!

Red has been missing since October 3rd from the Broadway area of Grove City, Ohio. He belongs to a 10 year old girl who misses him dearly. Please share as many ways as you can!

Find Red the Beagle Missing from Grove City, Ohio

Congratulations to Porkchop the #EnglishBulldog on your new little SYSTER!

“So dis is what syster means!” -Porkchop the English Bulldog

Visit Porkchop on his Facebook page!

And check out his really cool greetings website!

Congrats, Porkchop! You’ll be a great big brother!

Dear Trick-or-Treaters, PLZ look for #Queenie, the #missing #EnglishBulldog tonight!

Dear Trick -or – Treaters in and around the Columbus, Ohio area,

While you are out and about tonight, will you keep an eye out for a missing English Bulldog named Queenie? This dog was stolen from a home in Columbus at the end of August 2011. If you know where this dog is, PLEASE tell someone! All you have to do is put yourself in the shoes of the dog and the Owner. Wouldn’t YOU want to know who has your dog? Wouldn’t YOU want to know if your dog is alive or dead? No one is going to prosecute you for helping to bring Queenie home- the exact opposite will happen- you’ll get a $1,000 reward! People all over the country are looking for this dog. Help to do the right thing!

If you should see this dog in the home of one of the houses that you trick -or- treat at tonight, all you have to do is make simple converstaion with the home owner to get some information. It may or may not be Queenie anyway! Ask things like,

“What a gorgeous dog! Is that a bulldog? How old is it? I hear they are expensive, did you rescue or get it from a breeder around here?”

Those are simple questions and harmless too. If you feel like you have information that needs to be reported, post your information on the Columbus, Ohio, Craigslist in the Lost and Found section. Then you can remain anonymous!

But please, PLEASE, help us.

Find Queenie Flyer

Queenifer stolen from Columbus Ohio

Bring TY Home! #Missing #FrenchBulldog from #Owosso #Michigan since Sept 30, 2010! #HELP!

Tonight while you are trick-or-treating with your kids, you’re likely to see some dogs answer the door of the homes that you and your children visit. Please take note of these dogs to see if you recognize any of them from any lost dog posts that you’ve come across. I’m not saying that your neighbors are thieves! I’m saying that someone might own a dog that was actually stolen and re-sold. You just never know! Ask simple intuitive questions like,

“What a beautiful dog! Is that a boy or a girl? What breed it that? When did you get him/her? Is there a breeder around? I’ve been looking to get another dog.”

Here is a dog that has been missing for over a year. A black French Bulldog named Ty from Owosso, Michigan. He has some white on his chest and chin. His entire bio is below this picture. You can tell that he’s missed dearly! There IS a $5,000 reward for his safe return- NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Seriously… dog lovers are like that- we’d rather have our dog back safe than to mess with turning anyone in.

I beg of you to PLEASE get involved in helping reunite Ty with his family.

Missing since 9-30-10. Reward up to $5,000. Last known to be in Michigan. Black Dog. Neutered Male. Bat ears. Pug Face. White chin. White on chest. 12 inches tall. Bulldog. 2 inch tail. 9894131747
Tylor went missing on Sept. 30th around 3pm in Owosso Michigan. He is very friendly and has allergies and skin problems, he needs medications daily.
Up to a $5,000 Reward!Do keep in mind that Tylor might have been stolen. Although he is originally from Owosso he may have been transported by foot, car, train, or plane to a different area.

General Information

He is black with a pug/bulldog body, Pug face, 2 inch stub tail, and big standing bat ears. He has a white chin and chest. Neutered male, brown eyes, and stands 12 inches tall.

If you have any information on his whereabouts, have seen him, or even heard of him, please contact 989-413-1747.

A generous ‘no questions asked’ reward of up to $5,000 is offered for Tylor’s safe return -OR- information directly resulting in his safe return

Let’s unite as one and bring this adorable dog back home! 989-413-1747

#Missing #Aussie in #Bexley #Ohio! #Livingston and #Sheridan area. PLZ RT!

From the Columbus, Ohio Lost and Found section:

MISSING AUSSIE!!! (Bexley (Livingston & Sheridan))

Date: 2011-10-30,  5:53PM EDT
Reply to:

Missing Aussie!!!  Spayed Female weighs about 40 lbs.  Wearing a pink and blue polka dot collar, no tags.  She is microchipped, missing from Livingston and Sheridan in Bexley since 12:30pm 10/30/11  Please help us find her! PLEASE CALL IF EVEN SIGHTED, SHE IS A FAST RUNNER! REWARD IF FOUND!


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This picture made me smile. BIG smile. Happy Halloween from Jersey & Oslo, the Frenchies!

Happy Halloween! « Our Oslo.

Jersey and Oslo