#Stolen #dog caught on video tape! U recognize woman or car? #Marysville #Washington.

Family pet stolen from yard on 9-24-2011. Neighbor’s surveillance camera caught thief on tape! The thief is a woman and it shows her pulling the Siberian Husky named Takida out of the yard and pushing her into a white mini van or crossover vehicle (something newer).

I guess on the video are howls from Takoda as the woman pulled her across the invisible fence and felt repeated shocks.

Takoda is not spayed.

I would LOVE to see this woman (and her evil partner in crime who was behind the wheel of their get away car) get caught and prosecuted!

Please share far and wide! Let’s see to it that Takoda gets home safe and the criminals find themselves new homes in JAIL!!!

News story:

This post came from Oliver Alert on Facebook.


4 thoughts on “#Stolen #dog caught on video tape! U recognize woman or car? #Marysville #Washington.

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    • I know- me too! It makes me absolutely sick! It’s astounding to me. I feel bad enough for the dogs who escape from their homes and are out there, lost somewhere. But for those dogs that are purposely taken from their homes, for whatever reason, it scares the life out of me. It really does. And I will admit that I’ve become almost paranoid that it could happen to me. I don’t think you can be too careful with your dogs, now that we hear about all of these thefts. Our dogs aren’t safe in their own fenced in back yard and they aren’t even safe INSIDE of our homes- EVEN WITH SECURITY SYSTEMS! So what do we do?

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