PLZ RT! #lost #dog in #Macon #Georgia named #Boogie!

The kids had took Boogie out to use the bathroom yesterday (Saturday, October 1, 2011) around 5:30 PM. Boogie pulled and wriggled out of his leash and collar and ran down Riverside Drive in Macon, Georgia. The kids chased after him but could not keep up because even though he has short legs he can run VERY fast.

Macon, Georgia a dog named Boogie

A person in a blue Jeep picked him up (I am guessing so that he wouldn’t get hit by a car) at the Pierce Avenue intersection off of Riverside.

I am hoping that whoever picked him up will eventually come across this page and contact me. Even though he was not wearing his collar he does have a good loving home and we all want him back.

Please help to get the word out.

I can be contacted at 478-731-4715. Ask to speak with either Chris or Crystal. And thanks again for not allowing my dog to run in traffic.

Help Bring Boogie Home.


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