UPDATE: Owners found! Beagle had xrays… Original post: WoodlandHills #CA, do you know where your #Beagle is? #Male #dog w/out collar, hit by car!

Update: Tuesday, October 4, 2011.

The owners were out looking for their Beagle and happened to walk into the vet clinic where the rescuer had taken the dog after seeing it get hit by a car.:-(

The result of the dog being run over by a car could have been so much worse than it turned out to be. Luckily the dog only suffered a dislocated hip and not any broken bones.

Woodland Hills, CA – FOUND Injured Male Beagle – 10/3/2011


Found: Injured Beagle in Woodland Hills, California

This sweet little guy was run-over / hit by a car right before his rescuer’s eyes. She took him to the Vet who is treating him at this time. We are hopeful there is no serious damage. He was NOT wearing a collar and is not chipped.

He was found on Fallbrook & Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills, California.

Are YOU missing a male Beagle from the Woodland Hills, California area or do you know someone who is?

CONTACT: Peggy McIntaggart via www.facebook.com/peggy.mcintaggart

If you do not have access to Facebook, please respond to this email privately and I will relay the info to Peggy.

Flyer attached -and- available at http://msd-alert.org/FOUND-CA-WoodlandHills-InjuredMaleBeagle-Peggy%20McIntaggart-3Oct11-F.jpg

*Will post additional information when available.

Please visit http://www.msd-alert.org/MSDA-GetTheWordOut.html for tips, suggestions, recommendations for those searching for Missing/Stolen/Lost/Abandoned Animals.

Thank you for all YOU do to help our Lost/Stolen/Missing/Abandoned/FOUND dogs!

Terri Richards

Founder, Missing Small Dog Alert!

terri@msd-alert.org, www.msd-alert.org

facebook.com/MSDAlert, twitter.com/MSDAlert

MSDA YahooGroup: http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/missingdogalert/

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Lost and Found Dogs – Craigslist Cross-Postings Welcome Here


Missing Small Dog Alert! Flyers

By: Missing Small Dog Alert

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