Terrible misunderstanding.

Two days ago I found an ad on Craigslist from someone who saw two dogs running loose and saw them get hit by cars in traffic. This person said that one of the dogs was dead.

The individual continued with some rude remarks (which I included in my KISSBEEP post) along with everything else in the Craigslist ad (the date, posting ID #). I did that because if anyone were to want more information, I wanted them to know who the source of the information was and the means in which to reach them. The reason for my blog post about these dogs was because I was hoping that we could locate the owners.

I didn’t even think twice about my post until I received a note from someone who is really upset with me. She thought that I was the one who made the rude comments and assumptions about the owners being neglectful and not loving their dogs (because they were out running loose).

So I re-read my blog post and realize that it does look like the comments were mine. I feel HORRIBLE about this. I can totally see why she would be mad at me- why wouldn’t she think those rude remarks were mine? Oh, I just feel so broken-hearted about this.

And even worse is that BOTH dogs were killed. The owners are devastated. I can’t even imagine their pain right now. I feel like shit for them.

So I’m learning a big lesson here about being more mindful of what I’m posting. I need to think twice about how things might be interpreted from the view of the reader. I’m glad she called me out on it. It makes me terribly sad but I’m glad she did.

The purpose of this post is to let my readers know that the rude comments were from the person on Craigslist. The comments were not mine. I’m terribly sorry if anyone thought that I had the ability to be cruel like that. I did respond to the woman who called me out. I hope she doesn’t stay mad at me forever. I really did have good intentions and I’m so sorry that I hurt someone’s feelings. That’s not who I am at all. Please know that my  heart is larger than life and I’m sick that I caused someone else pain.



2 thoughts on “Terrible misunderstanding.

  1. Oh sweetie – please do not feel bad. I read it exactly the way you meant to to be read – that it was from Craig’s List. In fact I took special note because it was fairly close to where I live.

    I only know you from your blog and sweet little Izzy, but I know your love for animals and the time you take to list all the missing and stolen dogs around the country. I also know you would NEVER say anything bad like that.

    I am terribly sorry that the person read it and thought for even a second you would say those things. I certainly hope she understands what a truly wonderful person you really are.

    Thank you for your blog, and for bringing sunshine into our lives. And Bless You for your caring heart that does so much to help the lost find their way home.

    Heidi (Gracies Mom)

    • *tears*

      Thank you for your sweet, sweet words! I’m glad you don’t see me as someone who would write anything like that. I can’t even THINK of anything like that! But more than being concerned about what others think of me, I HATE that I’ve hurt someone else. Just makes me sick.

      Thanks for being my twitter/blog friend!

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