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On the night of August 13, Picabo, a 16-year-old white Maltese (6lbs), was let out into the yard according to his usual routine. Due to his advanced age, he became disoriented and wandered away from our home in Great Falls, VA. After hours of searching for him in the dark, not a trace of him was found. We guessed that either he left to die by himself or an animal attacked him.

Picabo lost from Great Falls Virginia

We hired a tracking dog to find his body, but unexpectedly, the trail continued for about a mile and a half, through the creek and surrounding woods. The trail ended abruptly at the Meadows Farms Nursery (corner of Route 7 and Springvale), where we assume that someone picked him up.

We are heartbroken and are looking for any information on his whereabouts or if he is alive. A LARGE REWARD is being offered for his safe return (no questions asked), but any information would be greatly appreciated. We would just like closure. Please call 571-238-3051 day or night if you know anything. Thank you.

*UPDATE 8/16* He was sighted in the neighborhood of Lexington Estates, on Pensive Lane on 8/15. Using tracking, we found that his scent trail went all over the neighborhood (Pensive, Shesue, Harriman, Walker), but he seems to be keeping to the streets. He went back to the creek under Springvale to get water. Please check under your decks, in garages/sheds, and near creeks. If you see him, please call 703-731-7380 immediately. Do not chase him, he is scared and probably will not come when called.

Picabo, lost Maltese from Great Falls Virginia

*UPDATE 8/24* Three more people have reported seeing a dog like Picabo in the Lexington Estates neighborhood on Pensive Lane in the past two days.

Picabo, Great Falls, Virginia

*UPDATE 9/11* Possible sighting in the Fox Run neighborhood, at the corner of Fox Crest Ct. and Lily Loch Way on 9/11.

*UPDATE 9/14* Possible sighting on Arnon Meadow Road (near Walker and Arnon Chapel).

via (1) Help find Picabo – Lost Small White Dog.


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