How safe do you feel right now while your dog is alone at home? #dog #dogs

The newest poster for Baxter and Cooper, the Yorkshire Terriers that were STOLEN from their home during a robbery in San Antonio, Texas.

How safe do you feel right now knowing that your dog is at your home while you are at work? Got a security system at your house? Think that’s going to help? They can easily grab your dog and get out of the house before they are even noticed.

So what if this were you? What would YOU do to bring your dog back home? How would you go about finding them?

Whatever your answer is, I can tell you that it’s already been tried by Baxter and Cooper’s mom, friends and family. There are over 3,300 fans on their Facebook page, posting sadness over the situation and sending the mom well wishes for her boys to come home. Some post pictures of other Yorkshire Terriers to see if any of them might be either Baxter or Cooper. Personally, I’ve probably posted a dozen of them since the dogs were removed in April of 2011.

There are friends combing all the lost dog sites, craigslist ads, shelters, hanging flyers, posting signs, working with police, etc. You name it, it’s been tried.

What else can we do? We can work harder. But we need YOU. The more who share this information, the better the chances for these two to come back home. Share, share, share and share. Encourage and even beg the people in your lives to help get the word out. Remember, your dog is home alone right now, right? What if your home was the next to be burglarized? We need the support of the dog community to make this work. I know it’s possible. So please make an effort with us. Imagine the happiness and satisfaction you will feel, knowing that you helped in the search to find them.

Dog community, we ARE strong and we are needed in so many ways. I know you’ve seen this information on Baxter and Cooper before and you might even think that enough people are working on it and so you don’t bother. Please, BOTHER! Let’s bring life back into the lives of the mom and two dogs who need each other. ReTweet this blog. Email it. Put it on your Facebook page. AND THEN TALK ABOUT IT! If others know that it’s important to you, they will help you!

Let’s do this!!/Findbaxterandcooper


2 thoughts on “How safe do you feel right now while your dog is alone at home? #dog #dogs

  1. I am so grateful to see this effort in finding the boys. You have my attention. These boys, brothers have become a part of my family through facebook. Their Yorkie Mom has put up 13 billboards in the San Antonio Area, passed out flyers, been interviewed by the press, and still YOU are needed in the search for these little guys. I want to emphasize these boys could be together or separate, been adopted or sold. During the last 5 months you may know a neighbor or family member who adopted an older Yorkie, purchased one, or was gifted one. These are important facts that only you and your friends can share. The reward is up to $10,000. That should be motivation for action. Thanks.

    • Linda-
      I’ve noticed your tremendous involvement with finding these two boys and I know their mom is so very thankful to you! It’s definitely a full time job trying to sift through all of the many different ads and websites and then through all of the posts from the big-hearted people in their Facebook page. It’s so painful to read through the thousands of posts on the “Find Baxter and Cooper” Pacebook page. But it makes me want to look even harder. Being in the midwest, I’m not able to do any kind of foot search but I am able to help advocate for them and to also do my own online searches. Let’s keep the enthusiasm going and grow our number of people who will help in one way or another across the nation! WE WILL BRING THEM HOME!
      Thanks for stopping by, Linda! Please let me know how else I can help!

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