The man to follow, @AngelNievesPI, retired NYC detective helps protect animals from humans.

The more I’m involved in helping locate lost/missing and stolen dogs, the more I realize how much we need the help of each other. Trying to find a missing pet is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Getting tips and advice from a professional is key to your search. But even if you don’t have a lost or missing pet, knowing someone who can provide advice on pet safety will help you and your pet live a long, happy life together.

Angel Nieves, Pet Security Consultant, is a retired New York City Police Detective. “I use to save people from animals. Now I save animals from people.” His 20+ years of experience as a detective makes him an expert in surveillance, search procedures, investigations, interrogations and much more. He’s the guy you want on your side if your pet should turn up missing. He’s got the skills!

Bookmark his website Secure Your Pet and follow him on his Facebook page. He posts daily on Facebook with lots of useful information for any pet owner, including Halloween pet safety tips (posted today). And for the Twitter users, follow him at @AngelNievesPI. I’m a fan of his everywhere I can be! I’m very impressed by his experience and his dedication to helping pets!


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