Find Boca

From the Facebook page, Find Boca: 

We are asking all of our friends to help keep an eye out for Boca.

He was last seen on September 25th, 2011. He was seen being put into a car by a woman at the end of my driveway (2088 Rt 9D Wappingers Falls,NY 12590).

Boca stolen from Wappingers Falls, NY

She then turned around in the Citgo gas station across the street from my house and headed the opposite directon heading towards the Beacon, Fishkill, 84.

He (Boca) was spotted twice in Fishkill, NY.

He was also seen with a woman wearing a wide brimmed hat walking an older dog that had a cone around his neck. The gentlemen that saw her tried to get information from her but she wouldn’t say to much other then she “rescues what she thinks are unfortunate animals.

Boca stolen from Wappingers Falls, NY

He was also seen two weeks to the day with a man driving a burgundy mini van right back across the street from the house he was taken from. The kid who saw this didn’t realize that the dog was missing until he got to his mothers job and found the flyer and she called us right away. So not much information to go on yet again.

Please pass this page along to your friends. The more eyes looking for Boca the better! If you see something say something, if you know something say something. You can post on here or call 845-416-5830 and ask for Nancy or call 845-545-2230 and ask for Trish.

Please be a HERO & bring our dog back..last seen on 9/25
6 yr old accidently left the door open & BOCA got out.He was seen being picked up by a car on 9D,There is a little boy who is heartbroken & wants his puppy back…

Please contact Nancy at 845-416-5830 or Trish @ can return him to his home which is at 2088 Rt 9D Wappingers Falls,NY 12590.

via Find Boca.


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