#BostonTerrier in #Dallas #TX still #missing after 3 weeks! Help find #Iggie!

Iggiehas a Facebook page- PLEASE “LIKE” THIS PAGE AND SHARE IT!!!!!!!!

Iggie the BT from Dallas TX

Our friend’s Boston Terrier is missing from the Lakewood (Junius Heights) area of Dallas, TX.

Her name is Iggie, and she has a red leather collar with a red heart tag that has “IGGIE” engraved on the front, and an old address on the back.

Iggie the BT from Dallas

Also, she has a small tattoo on the inside of her rear right leg (received when she was spayed). SHE IS MICROCHIPPED!!!

Please contact Siu Kee Lunn at siu_kee_lunn@yahoo.com with any info. Any help at all is greatly appreciated!!



2 thoughts on “#BostonTerrier in #Dallas #TX still #missing after 3 weeks! Help find #Iggie!

  1. Hiyas,
    The second picture above is not Iggie, its a picture that was posted to Iggie’s face book page from another Boston Terrier owner. Thank you bunches for posting the story:) As her mama, I can tell you every day without her is less bright than the previous. We’re not giving up hope though!!

    • Oh goodness- sorry for the error! I will edit and re-post! Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

      I don’t even have words to express how sorry I am that you are going through this very difficult and tragic situation. It’s my biggest fear and that is why I try to help by using social media to spread the word. I wish I could help with ground searches but obviously that’s not realistic since it would cost a lot of money to fly to every location to help.

      I will think of you every day until we bring Iggie home. Don’t give up.

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