EEK! A collar turned into a noose for this #bulldog.

From VPI Pet Insurance:

This is from one of our policyholders who hopes other pet owners can learn from their tragedy:

“We wanted to write to you to hopefully educate other policy holders (as many as possible) about the risk of dogs wearing collars. Our dear English Bulldog puppy, Master Chief was so sweet and playful, he was loved and cared for, and he also was covered on your medical plan. We are still so sad by his death, and we hoped you could include our tragic story to warn other of this possibility ever happening to their loved dogs. This tragic story happened on the evening of August 10th. Chief was playing with our son’s dog like the always did. During their play, the other dog’s teeth got caught in Chief’s collar! When this happened they both twisted and turned to get free, this caused Chief’s collar to turn into a noose, strangling him.

Master Chief

We never heard this was ever possibly and wish we knew about the risk beforehand, saving his life. The vet at the ER told us he sees this “ALL THE TIME.” With his death and not understanding how this was possible, we researched the internet to find thousands of similar horror stories and people trying to live with the grief. Chief’s story was the textbook scenario where two young dogs play and typically nip at each other’s necks. When a dogs teeth get caught in the collar they are both afraid and pull and twist, thinking this is the only way out. Tragically one is strangled and the other has no idea what has happened, realizing something horrible just happened. We found a break away collar for dogs online as well. In our research we found out that thousands of dogs are killed by their collars every year. Most of us think collars are safe to wear and are helpful to have tags on them in case they get lost. In this research, even tags get caught in air ducts in homes and the dear dog is strangled. They are also at risk wearing a collar in a kennel, where they are thought to be safe. A little piece of metal in the kennel can catch the collar and the same tragic event can and does happen all the time. Fences and tree branches are also dangerous to dogs if the collar gets caught. Even door knows can catch the collar and strangle them. How horrible to come home to find your dog strangled to death in the house or the back yard, where the most common places occur.

You may use our story as an example of you’d like. We hope Chief did not die in vain and can help others from this tragedy.


Michael and Kathleen Britt

By: VPI Pet Insurance

via Facebook.


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