Update: cause of death for stolen #German Shepherd named #Hex in #Alpha #Illinois: Foul play

As of October 15, 2011:

Some of the autopsy results have come and Hex’s owners now know that their loving dog was severely beaten head to tail. The dog was found a couple of miles away from their home, without his collar on, dumped on the side of the road. Now the hunt is on for the severely demented person(s) who committed this horrendous crime.

Family and friends created a Facebook page when Hex was first stolen. There are nearly 1,500 followers, all heartbroken over this news. Join this page and offer your support and condolences to the grieving family: Stolen German Shepherd, Help Bring Hex Home!

More on this story: WQAD.Com 


Thanks, Juli


On October 8, 2011:

“I really wish I had happier things to post today, I am so sorry!!! Hex update: For those of you following this story and spreading the word about Hex, the GSD stolen from his yard for unknown reasons, he has been found after an arduous search…dead, without his collar, dumped on the side of the road. Thanks to all of you who posted to help spread the word and prayed for his safe return. He is now free of all this world’s ugliness. Coty”
The Patrick Miracle


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