Operation pull and transport is in effect!


6 thoughts on “Operation pull and transport is in effect!

    • I was surprised at how great she did in the car! She wasn’t panting from nerves or barking or anything! She whined but probably only three times during the hour-long drive. She didn’t try to come up to the front seat (I didn’t have a large enough kennel for her or any kind of tether seatbelt) either. When I met her at the shelter that morning, she was sitting and with her front paws, she wrapped them around my arm as if to say “I love you, I love you, I’m a good girl, please don’t leave me.” She was rail thin though and had just had a litter of pups. Someone dumped her at the shelter- that’s how she was found. I have to give the jerk who dumped her a little credit for at least having the decency to dump her there instead of along side of a road somewhere. Poor thing, she’s probably wondering where her pups are.

      She made it to her foster home in Green Bay Wisconsin yesterday afternoon. She will be very loved there!

      Thanks for your comment!

    • I helped transport her to Green Bay, WI this morning. I only had the first leg of the trip- pulled her from the Iowa City Animal Center and then drove to Anamosa where I met the second leg driver. I think there were four legs to Green Bay. She was apparently dumped at the IC shelter. Had just had babies too. So who ever dumped her, pulled her away from her babies and then likely kept them to sell. She was so good the entire drive! I think she may have whined three times- otherwise she sat in the back seat and just watched out the window. She’s so super sweet!!

      • Oh, poor thing. 😦 I’m glad she was a good girl, and she’s very pretty. Hopefully she’ll find a loving home soon.

      • She did phenomenally well! There’s something really great about her. She listened really well and didn’t misbehave at all (which is so unusual for a dog who’s had no love or TLC). She is going to make someone incredibly happy!!

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