Someone out there knows something. The #reward is $10K. #YorkshireTerriers

Someone out there knows what happened to these dogs. Is it you? If so, there’s a $10,000 reward with your name on it.

Do you know of anyone who added a Yorkie to their family since April? One that’s older? Do they know where it came from? Do YOU know where it came from? Can you imagine being the hero that solves this mystery? The nearly 4,000 Facebook fans would have you on a pedestal. You’d be in all the papers and on the news everywhere.

But if you don’t want fame, or the $10,000, or even the satisfaction of doing something incredibly great, then do nothing and be nothing. 

Leave your mark on the world. Do something great. Make a powerful, positive impact. Bring Baxter and Cooper home. 

Their story:

Stolen from their home on 4/22/11 in San Antonio, TX, Baxter & Cooper are 9 year old neutered males. Their small black wire crate and a blanket with the name “Baxter” embroidered on it were also taken. Up to $10,000 REWARD. Call crime stoppers 210-224-STOP. Baxter weighs 4lbs. and Cooper is 7lbs.. They both have docked tails and are missing some teeth. They have been well cared for over the years and look to be younger than their 9 yrs.

Baxter and Cooper, San Antonio, TX

Find Baxter & Cooper.


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