@PalomaTheBoston needs the #PawCircle to send #prayers to brother #Uggeh! He’s in the hospital!

Yesterday Uggeh was doing some strange hacking and Paloma and their mom were really worried about him. It wasn’t any normal hacking either- it was definitely hacking that was causing them to be really concerned. He managed to fall asleep and they watched over him closely, cuddling him tight.


Today he seemed to be doing a tad better. They had placed some calls to the vet office, inquiring about what it might be that is making Uggeh hack so badly. Could it be kennel cough? Pneumonia? What is it?

To make things worse, Uggeh does NOT like going to the vet! He goes so crazy that they have to sedate him, heavily, to be seen. He’s no young pup anymore- he’s in the double digits! So they didn’t want to have to sedate him yet again.. as we all know that sometimes a dog just doesn’t wake up from it.

Only an hour or two ago, Paloma has posted on Facebook that Uggeh was in a good mood, seemed to have improved a bit. Then a post out of the blue on Paloma’s Facebook page read:

“UGGEH NEEDZ A #PawCircle!!!!! Mai brudder iz in da hospital. Pweeze say a pwayer to keepz him stwong!

So if you’re reading this, please send Uggeh some love and strength to get him through this safely and without stress. He needs our Paw Circle to get him through!

Paloma and Uggeh- Izzy and I love you! We are praying for you, Ug!



One thought on “@PalomaTheBoston needs the #PawCircle to send #prayers to brother #Uggeh! He’s in the hospital!

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