#Brindle #EnglishBulldog #STOLEN from #Columbus #Ohio. #Urgent- has seizures and needs vet care!!

STOLEN DOG! Queenifer Lopez

Female, Spayed

Location: She disappeared around 11pm on Aug. 27th while in our backyard within 10min.

Queenifer stolen from Columbus Ohio

Description: Queenifer is short and fat. She looks like a small pig and sounds like one too. She drawls a lot of attention with her silly look, and laziness. She is the type to watch others play, then to participate with the group.

She resembles a tiger with her orange color with black brindle markings. She is very loving and is sometimes mistaken as a Pitt Bull, but she is not. She is an English Bulldog like in the cartoon Tom & Jerry. She is the same breed as Spike the dog.

She has a scar on her belly from her last of 11 surgeries from being spayed. She had just started having seizures right before she was taken, and if not attended to with a vet, can lead to death.

Comments: Please still keep an eye out for our missing baby, Queenie! We believe she was taken and could be anywhere? She is not chipped, but has a scar on her belly from being fixed/spayed. We believe soon the people who have her will get ride of her once they learn she is un-breedable? So please watch for her running loose! If you see her, grab her, she is a gentle giant. Or if you can lead us to where she is, thanks to an English Bulldog Rescue Group, they are offering a reward of $500.00 for her safe rescue. Our family and friends are offering another $500.00. You can also stay anonymous!! So please help keep an eye out, we miss her so deeply…:) Thank you to everyone who has done everything to help me and my kids in our search, Bless you all…:) ~For more pictures search:”Queenifer Lopez” on Facebook!


REWARD! $1000.00

This flyer was created on http://www.PetFBI.org:

the information center for lost and found Ohio pets

Date Posted: Friday, October 21, 2011

By: Queenifer Lopez

via Facebook.


9 thoughts on “#Brindle #EnglishBulldog #STOLEN from #Columbus #Ohio. #Urgent- has seizures and needs vet care!!

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