PLEASE RETWEET! Update on @FindSassafras! Need #Volunteers for weekend of November 13 to help ground #search!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Possible Sighting at Columbia Country Club?

A dog walker thinks he saw Sassafras on the grounds of the Columbia Country Club. The dog he thought was Sass was with another dog, and he chased them for 30 minutes, before losing them when they left the grounds of the club, exiting onto Connecticut Ave, headed north towards Kensington (and the parks that connect to Rock Creek Park).

Sassafras, beagle missing from D.C. area.

Find Sassafras Missing Beagle

Sassafras as a puppy, 2007

If it was Sassafras, he was pretty sure that she was no longer wearing a collar, which would be too bad, as it has all of her identification. (She is microchipped, so she can be identified without the collar by a vet or shelter with a scanner.) He did say the dog looked happy, and healthy.

It’s so frustrating to get a call like this when we can’t get over there – jobs, traffic, and daycare pick-ups all have to be figured into what we do. I wish he’d been able to call when he first saw them, and just kept them in his sights so I could have gotten there before he lost sight of them, or that he remembered to take a picture so I could maybe see if it was Sassy or not. Sam and Salsa will check this one out, so we will know on Saturday morning whether or not it was her.

From Kissbeep:

Keep an eye on the search for Sassafras and share updates to all who are following you at @FindSassafras on Twitter and Facebook. Sign up to receive email updates from their blog at Find Sassafras. If you are in the DC area and can help volunteer to do a ground search on November 13, please leave a comment or email me at THANKS!


2 thoughts on “PLEASE RETWEET! Update on @FindSassafras! Need #Volunteers for weekend of November 13 to help ground #search!

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