#ItalianGreyhound #missing in east #Mesa #AZ. Mom got married TODAY (Oct 22)! PLZ #HELP!

Urgent please cross post to all you know and lets get this boy “Snoop” home. Sorry no pictures but he shouldn’t be hard to spot.

Subject: Lost dog – mom getting married today! PLEASE HELP

Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2011 09:57:42 -0600

Lost in East Mesa around Power Road and Brown Road – red colored Italian Greyhound – altered male approximately 2 years old named “Snoop” or “Snoop Dog”.

His mom is getting married today, and her dad and grandfather are driving the area trying to find him. He got out of the house early this morning. He does have a tag, but they don’t think he will come to anyone.

If found or spotted, please call Callie at 480-204-9070.

They will check County (both locations) as soon as it opens and will try to get posted on the pet websites today. Please – let’s give this mom the best wedding present of all and help get Snoop back home.



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