#Maebull the #stolen #EnglishBulldog is not mine… I’m just helping get the word out. PLZ RT!

My husband and I are reaching out to you. Last evening at 6 PM, still
daylight, a Caucasian male and female with black ski masks, driving a white
four door car with no license plate broke into our home specifically to
steal our English bulldog puppy “Maebull”. They broke in 10 minutes after we
left and had to be watching us.We live on Bryden road in Old Town East
downtown Columbus. The cops responded but were too late. A police report has
been filed and unfortunately there is not a lot of evidence to catch these
people. Our neighbor witnessed the people leaving with our puppy and laptop
and he called 911.We are newlyweds and have only had Maebull for 2 weeks. In
this short time she has been the love of our lives and part of our family.
We are broken. We need your help to get our story to the Columbus people.
Maebull is 3 months old, 18lbs, fawn color with a black patch over her right
eye. We are giving a reward of $1000 for her return home. We are running out
of options to find her. We would appreciate your help getting Maebull home.
Attached are pictures and we would be happy to be interviewed. Please call
us with any information or questions

Thank you for your time,
Brandon and Tiffany Ross
Contact info:
email rossrdh@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “#Maebull the #stolen #EnglishBulldog is not mine… I’m just helping get the word out. PLZ RT!

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