Yeah! Owners of two dogs found! Such a beautiful story too… check it! #grabtissues

The original post on Friday, October 21, 2011 on the Lost Dogs of Arizona Facebook page:

“I found 2 dogs this morning in S. Phoenix. A pit male older puppy and a black and tan chih. mix. The chi jumped in the car and the pit followed. 2 other dogs wouldn’t come, what looked to be a brown puggle/min pin mix and a large male brindle pit mix. They were still running in the subdivision when I took the pups home. This is 10th Ave and St. Anne (near Baseline). Please call 602-276-5403.”

And here’s the updated news posted today, Monday, October 24, 2011:

“Their owners found them. They had no idea how they got out. I took them out to potty before bed and heard children yelling “puppy” from about a block away. Rushed them to the car and drove toward the calls. A carload of kids in tears ran to their puppies and I got tons of hugs. 2 of the children have autism and were very attached. The family had just returned home from their grandfather’s funeral and I’m so glad I could help. Happy ending this time…. “


Ahh… what a great ending!


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