Dog friends- a neighbor poisoned & killed this #dog in #Smartt #TN. When will humans B held accountable 4 animal abuse? RIP Deuce

From Kissbeep:

This family lives in front of Sullens Trucking near Smartt, Tennessee. Their family dog went missing this past Friday and was found poisoned by the neighbors… because of the BREED! I’m sick and disgusted over this. Please read the posts by other supportive dog friends. Lost Paws Finder posted that the neighbors wouldn’t even give the body back to the owners! I’m assuming so that no one would be able to prove that they killed the dog?

What if this was YOUR dog? What do we do, guys? 

RIP Deuce from Smartt, TN

Posted today, October 25, 2011 on Lost Paws Finder:

R.I.P sweet boy 😦 I just wanna say thank you for trying to help …but we learned today that the neighbors down the road poisoned him 😥

via Lost Paws Finder.

Original post:

Please help us find this sweet boy that went missing in the Smartt Station area on Friday. Please call 931-212-0315 if you have any information as the family is searching for this sweet inside dog. His name is Duece and he is very friendly. He was seen with another dog in the area. Lets help get him back home today!


2 thoughts on “Dog friends- a neighbor poisoned & killed this #dog in #Smartt #TN. When will humans B held accountable 4 animal abuse? RIP Deuce

  1. that is a tragedy! I live in Nashville and know all too well the attitudes of many here towards dogs, especially in rural areas. You should definitely think about contacting the authorities b/c it is animal cruelty to knowingly kill an animal. Even if they don’t do much, at least filing a report with your concerns will start a public record. And if there’s a humane society in your county they may be able to help too. If that person has harmed animals before this could be a felony – good luck and thanks for posting – it’s so important to get these crimes out in the open so people will think and stop being so damn cruel!

    • Thanks for stopping by!

      The dog that was poisoned wasn’t mine. I actually live in Iowa. I was just reposting the information to spread awareness about how cruel humans can be. I just don’t understand how people can be so ignorant and do something so horrible, all because the dog breed has a stigma of being vicious! It makes me so sick! Obviously it bothers you as well! If I ever came across those people who did this, I’d land myself in jail with my own felony!

      Thanks for your comment!!

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