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Imagine that your dog is stolen from your home. I know, who really wants to imagine that? Just do it.

Right now in Iowa it’s 8:18pm and families are putting their pajama’s on, doing homework, talking about plans for tomorrow at work and school. And there you are… alone, without your dog. How can the world be going on without you when your world has been rocked and turned upside down!?

That’s what’s happening right now in the life of a couple who’s English Bulldog, Maebull, was stolen out of their home this past Sunday in Columbus, Ohio. It was a burglary in broad daylight. It was a male and a female in black ski masks. They targeted this home for the bulldog. They knew it lived there, even though Maebull was just a puppy and had only lived there for two weeks, they were aware of her living there.

Scary? HELL YES! This could happen to any one of us. Yes, bulldogs are pricier so thieves tend to go after them to re-sell them. But dogs of all breeds are stolen from homes every day and it’s becoming more and more of a problem.

Where is your dog during the day while you’re at work? Home? Safe and sleeping, right? It only takes minutes for someone to break into your house and steal your dog. I don’t mean ten minutes, I mean, 2-3 minutes. They can slip in and out of your home without being noticed. Then what? How do you find your pooch once it’s gone?

A microchip might help- but only if the dog ever gets scanned. Not all vets or shelters scan for microchips.

A home security system would set off an alarm and the police would be called but what good will that do when the thieves have already taken your dog and are half way across town when the police arrive?

Steel bars on windows? I’m leaning towards this! Or surrounding my house with electric barbwire.

There’s nothing we can do to prevent our dogs from being taken from our homes. But we CAN unite to catch the thieves and bring our dogs back home safely to us. And that’s what I’m asking of you- to please share information you come across about stolen dogs- just like Maebull. This is what we ARE able to do, no matter where you are in the world, you can make a difference by simply sharing the information. And sharing it again, and again, until we bring the dog safely home.

Do what you would want others to do for you in this situation. Let’s show thieves that the dog community is NOT to be messed with! We WILL find you and we WILL make you regret being evil.

Maebull stolen from Columbus Ohio

Baxter and Cooper

Queenifer stolen from Columbus Ohio

English Bulldog stolen in Richmond Texas

Golden Retriever stolen from Waterford, Michigan

Please share the following stories through your social networks. Let’s make the world better and brighter together.


2 thoughts on “Have you shared this info 2day? Only once? Share again & again!! #Maebull #EnglishBulldog #stolen!

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