#Missing #BostonTerrier in #MurrellsInlet #SC! Needs daily heart medication! PLZ RT!

From Missing Small Dog Alert on Facebook:

Murrells Inlet, SC: Missing Male Boston Terrier. Pls Call (432) 208-2402 or (843) 685-0400. #lostdog Please Crosspost! “Toby” went missing from his Murrells Inlet, Kings Grant neighborhood home on Monday, October 10, 2011. He was not wearing his collar. He is an 11-yr-old, male Boston Terrier who is very sweet & playful. *NOTE: Toby takes heart-medication everyday. His owners are worried that he is not receiving it.

Toby the BT missing from Murrells Inlet SC

24/7 Contact: Raquel Dusenbery (432) 208-2402 rort07@yahoo.com or Matt Dusenbery (843) 685-0400

Flyer also available at http://msd-alert.org/LOST-SC-MurrelsInlet-MaleBosTer-Toby-10Oct11-25Oct11-F.jpg

Please visit http://www.msd-alert.org/MSDA-GetTheWordOut.html for tips, suggestions, recommendations for those searching for Missing/Stolen/Lost/Abandoned Animals.

Thank you for all YOU do to help our Lost/Stolen/Missing/Abandoned/FOUND dogs!

Terri Richards

Founder, Missing Small Dog Alert!

terri@msd-alert.org, http://www.msd-alert.org

facebook.com/MSDAlert, twitter.com/MSDAlert

MSDA YahooGroup: http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/missingdogalert/

Lost Dogs of Ohio


Lost and Found Dogs – Craigslist Cross-Postings Welcome Here


via Missing Small Dog Alert.


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