#Missing #dogs from #wildfires in #Bastrop #TX! PLZ RT!


Missing dogs from wildfire in Bastrop Texas

“Rajah”, a Female Rottweiler with a cropped tail & a faint scar under her lip.

“Bear Bear” a Neutered, Male, long-haired St. Bernard with a full brown mask on his face and black spots around his snout.

We lived on Charolais Drive off of 1441 and it has been confirmed that we were released from our home before the fire engulfed the house! Our mom was gone to church on Sunday afternoon and couldn’t get to us due to a roadblock.

Our babies have been missing for a month now and could be ANYWHERE! If you spot them or have any clue where they may be staying we would greatly appreciate a phone call/e-mail/text.. ANYTHING!

We have a reward of $1000 dollars out for these pups! Anyone who finds them or has information that leads to their return home! If you do not want to take the money, we would gladly donate it to the shelter of your choice!

Contact Information:

Owner: JoAnn

Phone: 512 983 4840

E-mail: jlshumaker@att.net

Likes and Interests

Raja & Bear Bear’s FB page: http://www.facebook.com/RajahAndBearBear?sk=wall

OliverAlert is Sponsored by:

aKeKee – The Pet Search Engine.™ (http://www.aKeKee.com/ & http://www.facebook.com/aKeKee)

Please share this with your family, friends and neighbors…Help these dogs get back home!!!

via Oliver Alert.


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