#Socks is still #missing from home burglary in #Atlanta! Thugs caught on video but not found! #HELP! RT!!!!

Remember the video I played a couple of weeks ago of the thugs pulling up to a house in daylight and robbing them of items AND THEIR DOG? Well Socks is STILL missing!

Socks stolen from Atlanta

Socks stolen from Atlanta

Socks and Boots are both terrier mixes and they loooove each other! Why did the thugs only take one dog and not the other? I’m not sure, actually. That info might be on their Facebook page in posts but there are so many comments, it’s hard to read them all. Boots misses Socks terribly, I DO know that much!

Watch the video again- it WILL scare the pants off of you! The criminals were in and out with Socks in THREE MINUTES! Learn more below and PLEASE share!

Socks stolen from Atlanta

From the Facebook page, Save Socks and Protect Our Community 



Our precious terrier mix, “SOCKS” was taken from our home during a burglary on June 13th, 2011. Our hearts are broken. We remain faithful that God will find a way for us to bring her home again. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. PLEASE pass along this info to your friends, colleagues, etc. ANYONE in the ATLANTA, GEORGIA area especially!! Thanks!

via Save “Socks” and protect our community.

Socks stolen from Atlanta


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