#Sylvester the #lost #cat in #CumberlandCounty #NC! She needs more advocates to #help bring her home!

Hey pet friends- This cat only has 21 friends on her Facebook page and she’s been missing since July 16th. Cat-lover or not, can you please share this at least just once? It would be great if we could bring more exposure to her case and hopefully bring her home where she belongs. Check out this cute photo of her too- wearing a harness with a leash! Hmm.. seems more dog-like than a cat! I love it! Please help me by sharing this with others! We need more reunions!

Sylvester the cat lost in NC

From her Facebook page, via Lost Cat-Sylvester.

Sylvester was lost on July 16, 2011 in North Carolina at the south I-95 Cumberland County rest area (mile 48). She was last seen on that day running into the woods towards Fields Rd. She was wearing a navy collar with a gold star name tag.


She is black with hints of gold, her mouth, chest, stomach, and paws are white. Her front left leg is black with stripes and her front right leg is white with a black patch. She has stripes on her face, green eyes, weighs approx. 8lbs, and is approx. 2-3 years old.

There is a $300 REWARD for her safe return.

If you live near the area where Sylvester is lost please help us search for her, we live in New York and will not be able to find her without your help.


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