Another #EnglishBulldog in #Columbus #Ohio #missing! WTH? #Help find #Chloe

I’m not sure if this dog has gone missing on her own or if she has been stolen (as there is a trend in Columbus, Ohio- whether police will admit it or not).

Chloe the English Bulldog from Columbus, Ohio

Post on the Franklin County Auditor – Dog eBulletin Board:

Posted: 10/28/2011

Date the dog was lost: 10/27/2011

Dog’s name: Chloe

Gender: Female

Breed: Mixed

Color(s): Brindle

Coat: wiry

Markings: whiting on face and breast, multi-colored toenails,

Height: 1′-1 1/2 ‘

Weight: 10

Age: 13

Location lost: Hudson St / Medina Ave.

Contact: Kelly Kern


Primary Phone: 740-701-2970

Alternate Phone: 614-360-8090


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