Good point!

I love what Gracie’s mom wrote when we were discussing two English Bulldogs who were stolen in Columbus, Ohio (Maebull has been found safe and returned home):

Dog theft in Columbus has really increased in the past couple of months. What are they doing about it?

I don’t live there so I can’t say for sure but what I do know from a friend of mine who lives there and who is trying to find her stolen dog is that the police aren’t taking much interest.

There is one person of interest with a very seasoned criminal background that the police need to look into. I know more but I can’t talk about it.

Who do you know on the police force there? Can you reach out to them and tell them that we need them?!?


2 thoughts on “Good point!

  1. Thank you for sharing that I’m sure many people feel the same. You can replace things u can’t replace your love for your dog. Not to mention always wondering what happened to them it would break my heart wondering if she was being taken care of, if she was scared, or if she crossed the bridge. How could anyone do that to someone?

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