#Stolen #pitbull #puppy from #Atlanta #Georgia on Oct. 26! #Reward! Needs #meds

URGENT, MISSING DOG, ATLANTA, GEORGIA ‘GWINNETT COUNTY‘ . Black Pit type puppy is currently approx. 20lb. look like medium size dog.

Please if you bought her, find her or know where she is please call.




Koosh stolen from Atlanta, Georgia

original post – Atlanta Underdog Initiative (A.UD.I.)



She was taken from a car at a gas station. Thieves usually sell quick telling buyer lies. Buyers usually believe they save the pet from the dog pound. Good chance who ever has her has no idea she has a family searching for her. If they can’t sell quick they just dump the pet and they end up with a good person thinking the owner dump them. If you see this puppy, best to get all info possible of where the dog is and contact owner.

If you see her loose, most puppy come easily. If she is scared may take food / water to get her to come to you.

She is needs medication Please Share Far and Wide to help her to Safety.

By: Missing Pets USA

via Missing Pets USA.


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