Such a great blog! @alettertomydog invites you to write a letter to your dog!

I’m so happy that I happened across this blog! Such a great idea!

It’s a blog and book project in the making. Over six months, this blog will be open for dog owners to write a letter to their dog(s) (GULP- tear jerkers!) Those who have stand-out letters will have their letter and photograph in the published book.

I’m a happier-cryer so these kinds of things send me over the emotional edge! I love happy things- I’m a total nut for people doing good things. But then my body goes into this slamming-hyper-happy-cry-baby-emotional-wreck mode and I actually feel pain in my heart from being so touched and moved. For instance, don’t tell me you appreciate me or anything because you’ll turn me into a crying idiot and will likely disassociate from me for being a broken mess.

But enough about me…

Look at this blog. It’s really great and I can’t wait to see the end product in a book!

A Letter to My Dog.


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