Dear Trick-or-Treaters, PLZ look for #Queenie, the #missing #EnglishBulldog tonight!

Dear Trick -or – Treaters in and around the Columbus, Ohio area,

While you are out and about tonight, will you keep an eye out for a missing English Bulldog named Queenie? This dog was stolen from a home in Columbus at the end of August 2011. If you know where this dog is, PLEASE tell someone! All you have to do is put yourself in the shoes of the dog and the Owner. Wouldn’t YOU want to know who has your dog? Wouldn’t YOU want to know if your dog is alive or dead? No one is going to prosecute you for helping to bring Queenie home- the exact opposite will happen- you’ll get a $1,000 reward! People all over the country are looking for this dog. Help to do the right thing!

If you should see this dog in the home of one of the houses that you trick -or- treat at tonight, all you have to do is make simple converstaion with the home owner to get some information. It may or may not be Queenie anyway! Ask things like,

“What a gorgeous dog! Is that a bulldog? How old is it? I hear they are expensive, did you rescue or get it from a breeder around here?”

Those are simple questions and harmless too. If you feel like you have information that needs to be reported, post your information on the Columbus, Ohio, Craigslist in the Lost and Found section. Then you can remain anonymous!

But please, PLEASE, help us.

Find Queenie Flyer

Queenifer stolen from Columbus Ohio


6 thoughts on “Dear Trick-or-Treaters, PLZ look for #Queenie, the #missing #EnglishBulldog tonight!

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