Bring TY Home! #Missing #FrenchBulldog from #Owosso #Michigan since Sept 30, 2010! #HELP!

Tonight while you are trick-or-treating with your kids, you’re likely to see some dogs answer the door of the homes that you and your children visit. Please take note of these dogs to see if you recognize any of them from any lost dog posts that you’ve come across. I’m not saying that your neighbors are thieves! I’m saying that someone might own a dog that was actually stolen and re-sold. You just never know! Ask simple intuitive questions like,

“What a beautiful dog! Is that a boy or a girl? What breed it that? When did you get him/her? Is there a breeder around? I’ve been looking to get another dog.”

Here is a dog that has been missing for over a year. A black French Bulldog named Ty from Owosso, Michigan. He has some white on his chest and chin. His entire bio is below this picture. You can tell that he’s missed dearly! There IS a $5,000 reward for his safe return- NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Seriously… dog lovers are like that- we’d rather have our dog back safe than to mess with turning anyone in.

I beg of you to PLEASE get involved in helping reunite Ty with his family.

Missing since 9-30-10. Reward up to $5,000. Last known to be in Michigan. Black Dog. Neutered Male. Bat ears. Pug Face. White chin. White on chest. 12 inches tall. Bulldog. 2 inch tail. 9894131747
Tylor went missing on Sept. 30th around 3pm in Owosso Michigan. He is very friendly and has allergies and skin problems, he needs medications daily.
Up to a $5,000 Reward!Do keep in mind that Tylor might have been stolen. Although he is originally from Owosso he may have been transported by foot, car, train, or plane to a different area.

General Information

He is black with a pug/bulldog body, Pug face, 2 inch stub tail, and big standing bat ears. He has a white chin and chest. Neutered male, brown eyes, and stands 12 inches tall.

If you have any information on his whereabouts, have seen him, or even heard of him, please contact 989-413-1747.

A generous ‘no questions asked’ reward of up to $5,000 is offered for Tylor’s safe return -OR- information directly resulting in his safe return

Let’s unite as one and bring this adorable dog back home! 989-413-1747

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