#Lost #Boxer in #ForkedRiver #NJ! Very shy, not aggressive, very scared. Sited #Parkside, #Whitcomb, #PheasantRun. PLZ RT!

SHY, brown Boxer, fawn with flash, 75 lbs, wearing a blue collar.


Scared Rocky lost in Forked River, NJ






















Rocky has had a rough start in life, he will not approach you. He is afraid of adults but less scared of children. Rocky is just learning how to trust humans.

NO AGGRESSION…..He is just very very very scared.

Rocky escaped from new adoptive family on 10.01.2011. He escaped getting out of the car.

Rocky has been sited in the areas of Parkside, Whitcomb and Pheasant Run and in the woods.

If anyone sees Rocky or has some time to help track him, please post to the group to help.

Also, if anyone has a large humane dog trap that can be loaned out to help – that would be fabulous.


He is very very sweet, not an aggressive bone in his body.

Police and Animal Control and neighborhood have been notified.

If sighted, do not chase but contact Debbie: (609) 276-4939



via Help Find Rocky.


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