UPDATE!! PUPPY ALREADY FOUND SAFE! Original story: #STOLEN #puppy in #Girard #Ohio! #CaneCorso. PLZ RT and catch these #thieves!

THANK GOODNESS this story has a happy ending! Shortly after posting this story on the stolen puppy, the puppy was found safe on the other side of town. No word on the crooks who started this whole mess.

Here’s the good news story:

Missing Girard Puppy Found on Youngstown Front Porch. 

Original post:

GIRARD, OH: Stolen from owner’s arms. Call with any info 330-219-1572.


An interrupted breaking and entering may have ended up still costing a Girard couple something priceless.

Christina Damelio took her 9-week-old puppy, Alisandra, outside early Monday when she spotted two men inside her screened-in front porch. She asked that we not show her face.

“I scared them, and they scared me pretty much,” she said. “As I went to make my way back to the house, he jumped off the steps and pushed me into the gravel.”

Christina got up and made her way up the steps but then said one of the men threw a potted plant at her. She was not injured. She called police, and when she made it back outside the men were gone and so was the puppy.

She and Michael Welsh bought the puppy, a Cane Corso, for $750 last week. They’re not sure if the dog was taken or ran off.

“Part of me thinks they took her,” said Welsh. “She’s just 9 weeks, you know, just a little puppy. I don’t think she could have made it that far that fast. I was outside quickly, and she was just gone.”

The puppy is only 9 weeks old, and even though she is in good health they are worried about her safety and just want her returned, no questions asked.

The couple said the puppy was the baby of the family, and they also have her uncle and don’t want to think of getting another dog at this point.

“We’ve been fortunate the 4th Ward block watch got right on it,” said Welsh. “I am hoping with all the press, somebody feels bad.”

Anyone with information on the puppy is asked to call Girard police or Welsh at 330-219-1572.


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