UPDATE! FOUND SAFE! #Dachshund #stolen from #MohaveCounty #AZ! From #CrackerBarrel on #Stockington Hill Rd.

November 3, 2011, 10:35pm central time: Dog Missing / Pet Lost and Found Alert Group are reporting that this sweet dachshund has been found safe! No word on where the abductors are. 


Original post:

Someone stole our Dachshund in a parking lot! REWARD!!! (taken from 3520 stockington hill rd)

Penny the dachshund stolen from her car

Date: 2011-11-01, 7:20PM MST

Reply to: comm-qrx3c-2680729004@craigslist.org

Someone stole our female dachshund from the cracker barrel on stockington hill rd while we were inside eating!

It was a few hours ago, and we reported it to the police, but they can only do so much.

She is such a lovable dog, they lured her with a dog treat, which they left at the open door of the trailor hitched to our vehicle.

Penny stolen from Mohave County AZ

She’s probably about 15-20 lbs, maybe a foot tall, and quite a small dog. She has a bit of a belly, and she LOVES food. Very curly fur, but she has gotten her fur trimmed recently.

Very light golden brown color. Her name is Penny. She’s been with our family since she was only a few months old, so please bring her back!

THIS IS FAMILY, this isn’t just some dog to us. Parents and children have been around this dog for a long time.

We are completely broken hearted to have someone take away our baby from us.

*****We will pay anyone a nice reward who gives her back to us, or tells us where she is.*****

Email back to this ad, or call David or Edith at 702-353-1179 a.s.a.p.

We need our Penny back to us, we miss her dearly!

I have lots of photos of her and our family, her with the grandchildren, her with our other dog, her with all of us!!

WE NEED HER BACK, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Location: taken from 3520 stockington hill rd

Penny stolen from Mohave County AZ

Penny stolen from Mohave County AZ

via Someone stole our Dachshund in a parking lot! REWARD!!!.


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