Dog friends- PLZ RT for #Hanah! She’s still #missing! White #AmericanBulldog #missing from #Joplin after the tornado. She IS alive! Help! @BringHanahHome PLZ RT!

From Kissbeep:

I’m sure many of you social media users have seen the pictures of this missing white American Bulldog, Hanah somewhere. Look at how gorgeous she is! She is from Joplin, Missouri, where tornado‘s ripped up the entire town and left pets scattered, lost and even dead.

Hanan missing from Joplin, Missouri

Hanah is alive! But she’s not home! Since the Joplin tornado’s, Hanah has been spotted in the neighborhood where her home once stood. How is she surviving? Has someone taken her in? Is she living on the streets? Does she know that her family is desperately looking for her?

Her history is below and her family has set up an account on Twitter, a page on Facebook, a channel on YouTube, and a flyer on Flickr. Hanah has grabbed the attention of news media but yet she’s still not home.

You know what I’m about to ask, right? Do I need to beg? Imagine your ‘Buddy’, your ‘Sammy’, your ‘Jack’ or ‘Rover’ missing after mother nature took everything you had. Something tells me that you’d rather have your dog back than the home that was flattened by the tornado. Am I right??? PLEASE SHARE AND SHARE AGAIN!

Hanah from Joplin Missouri


From her Facebook page, Bring Hanah Home (which you should definitely follow):

Desperately seeking a 5yr 110#American Bulldog, spayed female, white in color,2 different eye colors, may have red rash on rt underbelly.

Hanah has been seen 2 times since the tornado hit. Once on E 26th street in Duquene. Hanah lived on 27th st. before the tornado. There is no house there anymore but we think that’s why she may be hanging around that neighborhood. She is a large white American Bulldog, solid white with one blue right eye and a hazelish brown left eye. Please if you see her call Kari @ 1–417-529-8088 to report the sighting. DO NOT TRY TO APPROACH HER. CAll us and we will get someone there ASAP.

The picture was taken at the location of in Duquense, The people who lives there had livestock. She was carried to the side of the house. When the sirens went off in Joplin the second night after the storm, the people left there house and she ran in some bushes. They called the humane society, when they got back she was gone. But she has NOT been seen at the shelter (if you go-LOOK FOR HER ALSO). The neighbors at a house 2 doors down and they said she was seen Saturday in the yard and yet again no one helped her!! There is a reward for her. Anybody with info can call Kari 417-529-8088 OR call Duquense police as they are aware of the situation!!! PLEASE HELP BRING HANAH HOME!!!

THERE IS A $2500 CASH REWARD FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO HER RETURN. NO QUESTIONS WILL BE ASKED. A kind donor has also offered up a very wonderful Mary Kay Gift basket for the caring soul who returns our gal!



via Bring Hanah Home.


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