The one, the only, @PalomaTheBoston!

Paloma is always making us laugh with the funny things she says and the fun pictures she posts!

From her gangsta-style rap (clean, of course!), her skinny jeans, her big chain necklace, fashionable style, and her Pug brother Uggy, somehow everyone knows Paloma the Boston Terrier in Ohio. And if you don’t know her, here’s your chance! She’s going to make it big in Doggywood when her album drops. Here are a few fun pictures that I couldn’t resist sharing with you.

Refusing to wear the skunk costume her mom bought her, Paloma went as her alter-ego, P-Jiggy, for Halloween 2011.

Paloma the Pirate. Actually, you look really good, P! You don't look happy but you still look good!

This is Uggy, Paloma's big Pug Brother. The caption on Facebook to this picture: "Dis Pug beez swabbinz da deck!"

Paloma now has Uggy doing "The Pug Head Tilt of the Day!" Oh she cracks me up!

You have to know Paloma to appreciate this picture. Recently Uggy gave everyone quite a scare with some breathing issues he had. He even had to spend a couple of nights at the Vet. Before this though, Paloma had a normal sibling relationship with Uggy in that she was always quite annoyed with him. But after Uggy's medical scare, Paloma has a new-found love and appreciation for him. This picture says it all!

Get to know Paloma, Uggy and their other pet siblings through her blog, Paloma The Boston, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

XOXO to you, Paloma and Uggy! Thanks for your friendship!


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